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>> Naturally Healthy: A Path of Holistic Health


Naturally healthy are people who responsibly manage their health & wellness by choosing to live & follow natural principles. They get all their nutrition through basic foods and follow a simple regimen to aid the metabolism to assimilate those foods. They make the best use of nature's elements like earth, air & water by consciously choosing & following a healthy lifestyle. It is a phrase that compliments such healthy individuals through descriptions of their best personal attributes skin, hair & bodies. 


Back in the olden days, people were by and large blessed with good health due to their adherence to daily routines involving household chores. These naturally ensured that people had to walk, stretch, bend and even lift weights all in their daily routine. The bane of science & automation for humanity is that inventions & innovations have created tools that people get enticed easily. Affordability at home & convenience at office makes people wanting to skip conventional ways depriving their bodies of the much needed physical exercise in the most natural way. 


In modern day living, some naturally healthy habits are easy to cultivate while it may be difficult to adopt some because of the impracticability in the given circumstances. Avoidance of calorie rich food, junk food, wrong eating habits etc can certainly be managed by a good attitude though extended work hours & long hours of commuting are factors that may prevent people from devoting time for exercising. Given this fact, it is all the more important that certain naturally healthy habits are inculcated religiously into daily living. 


So what is naturally healthy? The intake of any substance that does not produce adverse reactions or long term side effects is naturally healthy. Diets & exercise plans that do not deliver long term benefits are not. Undertaking normal chores in daily life that naturally exercise your body is naturally healthy. Eating foods that can provide the required vitamins & minerals that get easily assimilated is healthy as well.


Of course, if the current state of health is such that it is not either in a position to assimilate such natural foods or there is a need for nutritional supplements, then it is strongly advised that they take herbal or native remedies.

Just follow these don'ts (yes-don'ts, in this case; there is no typo here!; also note deliberate overuse of the term for added emphasis) and you are sure you will enjoy natural health:

  1. Don't remain indoors all or most of the time, especially very early in the morning; derive the best benefits from healthy sun rays. Ultra violet rich morning sun rays are known to be immensely beneficial in many ways. Find more information at Sun Rays & Health Benefits
  2. Don't avoid or skip occasions for walking, bending, stretching or squatting. These are all the best exercises ensuring rich supply of oxygen to all the body cells
  3. Don't miss an opportunity to walk barefoot on plain earth or fresh green grass. The contact rejuvenates the body
  4. Don't avoid climbing stairs as much as is possible to manage commensurate with your health condition. You need to maintain the knee joints & calf muscles flexible enough
  5. Don't get totally acclimatized to air conditioned environs. Condition your body to natural environs as much as is bearable. Prolonged staying in air conditioned enclosures can harm your health
  6. Don't keep aloof from social groups or laughter clubs. Laughter no doubt is the best medicine
  7. Don't rush to your doctor for minor ailments; give your body (and mind) the chance to combat and build naturally strong immunity
  8. Don't avoid minimum and timely sleep; quite obvious to stay relaxed at other times when awake
  9. Don't skip or delay regular meal unless you are on a scheduled fasting for specific reasons
  10. Don't live with deep, hidden bitterness against an old friend, a close family member or a near relative. Negatives vibes are detrimental to healthy living

Well, apart from the don'ts, there are certainly some essential do's as well!:


  1. Do retreat into nature & natural setting if you happen to live a metropolitan life; it helps you to experience the connection with nature
  2. Undertake some kind of natural rejuvenation for mind and body; choose naturally healthy methods like massage, aromatherapy, herbal treatments, etc.
  3. Believe strongly in the cardinal principle prevention is better than cure and undertake preventive maintenance in the matter of health as much as you do for the love & care of your car. Read more about this from Andrew Weil's book referenced below the article

Natural health is a best practice you can use not only to develop your immune system to fight disease and aging but also lead a qualitatively redeeming life.





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